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A thing that I never noticed regarding desired „nerdy girl(pal)“.

A thing that I never noticed regarding desired „nerdy girl(pal)“.

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Hey all, this has been a long time since I’ve actually started a topic on here. Ideally it doesn’t devolve into arguments or rage or such a thing. You might say this is certainly a post of attraction, and in another way its an apology.

My buddies have long since chose it’s time in my situation become internet dating again, and even though I’m fine with that

being a geek I decided it could oftimes be to get the best to track down somebody who at the least offers certain circumstances i like in that office. Really don’t require complete geek, but no less than some might be wonderful. We already have odd looks for taking pleasure totally free online dating sites over 50 in what I enjoy from others around myself. I really don’t want among those individuals become person I proper care about/spend considerable time with. But we try to be versatile since I know the nerdy girl try allegedly a rare commodity. I never ever talked about this to them, but my pals seemingly made the decision this as well for whatever reason, up to the point where one flat out told me: „guy, talking as one of united states just who married a ’normal‘ girl, i really want you to finish with a nerdy girl!“

That kind of amazed me and made me personally feel detrimental to the man’s girlfriend, that’s very nice (all are. They are in addition all greatly patient whenever the large amount of you run someplace such as the comic shop and they decide to label along and I also try making it a time saying thanks to all of them for enduring our very own shenanigans when they’re demonstrably pretty damn bored.) It isn’t they don’t love eachother, when I know they actually do, but i do believe the guy recognizes how I feel about just how some of his existence he really enjoys cannot sometimes be distributed to his partner.

Now, all this said, issue of ratio usually pops up. Men to girls, you are aware the drill. It usually may seem like anyone someone else knows met one, or a friend of a pal understands one or sees them all enough time. But nothing people RECOGNIZE individuals or bring came across anyone who matches the balance.

(please be aware that I’ve see the thing I’ve authored over also it sounds like I’m objectifying the people at issue really. Not my personal intention and I also apologize. Not-being misogynistic or hateful, just trying to get the purpose across.)

Not too long ago however, we went into another colleague whom I found myself tasked with classes so when their and I also have to dealing with facts we carry out beyond operate we accepted that i will be a geek and whatnot and her impulse was: „oh! We was previously a nerd also, but I happened to be bullied actually worst so I kinda stopped getting one.“

Today, I Am Aware that. No problem with-it. I recall are bullied at school being by yourself for a number of the full time for the reason that they. Nevertheless gave me some foods for believe when I thought about just what she said more. I suppose I generated many assumptions, but I really don’t feel just like they can be as well far-fetched. Fundamentally this time found me personally:

Girls/women exactly who are/were into nerdy situations. better, affairs should have or do suck even worse for them than they are doing for nerdy guys.

I’m speculating a nerdy girl at school will have troubles getting as well as other girls because she is nerdy, at IDEAL she gets uncertainty from guys if you are artificial, at WORST they become weird. A case circumstance try an inferior circle of buddies. At the worst (and possibly inclined depending on in which and/or whenever an individual experience their own schooling) this may need intended little to no friends at all.

that has to just. suck. Flat-out feel dreadful and bad. and worst component is that right here Im selecting a person that experienced that. What kind of a terrible individual in the morning we to wish that on somebody else merely so I have actually anyone to remove to a motion picture and lunch right after which come home and gamble site 2 with? It can make me feel like a jerk. I didn’t posses plenty of buddies going right through college, but damn.

Anyhow. am I entirely off-base with this specific? It’s simply a believe I got considering the thing I keep in mind from my personal age in school and how, to some degree, community nonetheless operates. Performs this nevertheless eventually girls exactly who appreciate ’nerdy‘ points? Would it be because worst as I’m thinking they most likely had been? The girls i know exactly who show my hobbies bring to date arranged that yes, it was bad, and yes, i am kinda on-point with what i am considering. Exactly what about everyone? Any head? Reports? In the morning we right or incorrect is experiencing like a jerk for planning to date a person that offers my personal welfare?

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