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Main page of Dave and Helen Damouth.Charging truck power packs from your Tow car Alternator.

Main page of Dave and Helen Damouth.Charging truck power packs from your Tow car Alternator.

Asking Truck Power Packs From Pull Means Alternator

Dave and Helen Damouth.

A regular query in RV sectors applies to the possibility of making use of the tow vehicle’s system and electric program to charge truck battery. (an equivalent concern is present in motorhomes, with substantial differences due to the a lot lesser course between alternator and house power packs).

The average pull automobile, for example my 1996 avoid RAM 2500 High-definition, has a 130 amp alternator. Typical power use within your truck costs much less, making plenty of excess capacity for billing truck electric batteries. However in reality, I ran across that I managed to get just about 5 amps of battery charging any time my personal truck energy are lowest, much less than that after the batteries happened to be charged to through over 70% of capability.

The indegent charging is a result of the current drop in the long term of slim wire from the car alternator to the trailer power supply probably about 25 feet.

One solution to the voltage fall concern is to set up heavy wire. Another option would be to install two alternators, or one alternator with dual outputs – the second productivity is utilized with an independent voltage-regulator to effectively charge the trailer power packs. I’ll negotiate both possibilities:

a Heavier wires: we pick this solution, and used 64 legs of #2 welding cable tv, to work from pickup system’s alternator on the positive terminal of trailer batteries, right after which within the damaging terminal of power packs back to an excellent engine floor through the truck. Some of the data below are particular to my own Dodge, nevertheless the normal approach should implement any truck.

Regarding the avoid, as sent through the factory, undoubtedly an electrical delivery box in addition put wheel well. This box have some hefty hookup devices and a few big fuses and relays for assorted vehicle circuits. The getting cable tv from alternator toward the battery undergoes this container. It actually was an easy place to link my personal new weighty trailer battery charging cable, and even had place to shoehorn in another fuse for new wire.

Inside this box, I operated several in of heavy cable within the terminal when the alternator cable happens to be bolted, associated with one conclusion of a brand new 80-amp fuse. (This fuse is a touch black colored cube with tabs for add-on bolts on every half – in any automotive devices shop.)

From your opposite end associated with fuse, we ran welding line down seriously to a power supply exchange, which I bolted around the lower regarding the power supply help segment, up against the controls perfectly.

Within the result terminal from the exchange, we managed welding cable along and across the framework associated with the car for the again, exactly where it comes right up from your body slightly below the left region of the tailgate, and extends a 18″ roughly beyond the bumper.

The damaging cable through the power supply is bolted into the engine prevent, down lower on the front side. We went welding wire with this the exact same thunderbolt right back over the body, pursuing the exact same route since the good wire.

Where in fact the two wiring finish behind, they’re finished in standard welding line fittings. (But read mention below). When not being used, both of these cables put nicely in a crack within the bumper and also the human body, for the middle in trail door.

During the trailer, serious cable tv works from each terminal on the battery to my primary electric batteries submission box, that I installed on visit the site here the front wall regarding the truck, inside a kitchen area cabinet (as with a lot of trip trailers, the power packs are generally outside, throughout the frame resistant to the front associated with the trailer – my delivery field is right behind the power packs, but inside the house, away from the rain). This circulation package keeps a battery gulf switch, some larger devices where all trailer run attaches, some fuses for circuits which don’t feel the fuse board even more during the truck, and larger current-measuring shunt, that is certainly inside the bad side of the electric battery circuit.

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